Fetching New Grounds! A Growth Breed Report

Fetching New Grounds! A Growth Breed Report

As we entered the third month of 2022, we understand more than ever the importance of creating a consistent reachability roadmap that produces an equal array of introduction to different avenues that benefit all of the Shiba ecosystem.

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." - Albert Einstein

The world of cryptocurrencies continues to make moderate entry to more adoption processes, and has onboarded more confidence while shining in a different light and now pushing mainstream awareness with more energy. We saw a reflection of this type of energy during the Super Bowl 2022, in which companies like Coinbase spent nearly $14 million dollars on its QR code Super Bowl commercial.

Platforms and projects are doing incredible efforts to make everyone in the world know what cryptocurrencies truly are, and the convenience behind them.


Now onto a more delicate note – through recent days, we've seen heavy geopolitical and unfortunate actions that have impacted the world in many ways.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected at this time, worldwide. This has not been the only instance or battle the world has faced, and that should serve as a reminder of peace and respect for humanity. Life is truly a gift, make no mistake, everyone has the power to make the world a better place.

The world has been through many waves before, yet if history reveals anything, is how markets are affected during periods of uncertainty. These 'periods' in time are when stocks suffer the most, and this is no different for the current dynamic occurring now for the cryptocurrencies space, which end up in some dull and volatile days. Those expecting the Moon should also understand, that in order to get closer to it sustainable growth has to be accomplished.

Furthermore, 'Cryptocurrencies' stand in a world of unavoidable adoption. Current circumstances make adoption impossible to ignore, while the impact of decentralized finance, and digital assets, showcase the ability to distribute confidence in the face of powerful volatile movements.


We see the tremendous energy on a daily basis on social and communication platforms. We hear the name Breeds, yet we want to comprehend and understand their attention, and focus. In lieu of such, I would like to take this opportunity to share a few notions as to why the Growth Breed forms an important foundation, and how it is build to sustain a relevant evolution to showcasing the name Shiba Inu, in addition to respecting all #ShibArmy community efforts and their standards to showcase the name Shiba worldwide.

Without community, there is no Shiba.

The Growth Breed consists their focus in the following areas:

✏️ External Communications & Public Relations
✏️ Marketing & Social Media
✏️ Strategic 'Partnershibs' & Community
✏️ Community Outreach & Broadcast
✏️ Market Risk Analysis & Orientation
✏️ Account Management & Retention

The Growth Breed is open to support a variety of coverage for these areas of focus while the efficacy of each point relies on the participation, and energy from those who form part of it. We also have a Scout who is always on the lookout for talent, and onboarding those who shine amongst the community we so dearly love, and share our commitment with.  

Each area of focus continues to evolve, and new strategies are being worked on to move with the market, community demand, and feedback. Conversations spark to provide insight, collaboration, and more.

And no, we may not be the Developers, but an energetic group of dedicated individuals who try their best to support them, and the community.

Personally I set a mission each week to reach a multiple avenues to continue onboarding 'Partnershibs' and 'Friendshibs'. Main reason I can't share much information about them is due to disclosures of privacy, NDA's and confidentiality agreements that effectively protect both parties until a solid agreement is made. Respecting the process,  I am truly gratelful to those who give me the opportunity to introduce the Shiba Inu's Ecosystem in the best of attempts. Know that I always try my very best for everyone. - Milkshake


At the time of writing this, $SHIB alone surpasses more than 1,196,600+ holders on etherscan. This does not count holders in CEX Platforms.

Our past wins as a community, are relevant to the energy and a commitment that is unforgettable. Ryoshi's wise words still have a ripple effect in all of us.

ALL HAIL THE SHIBA! (an experiment in decentralization) - Ryoshi Research medium

➡ Shiba Inu's 46M% gain in 2021 was jaw-dropping; but it's trailing 12-month increase is even more impressive. We know the community is always innovating, this is not only a huge factor as ShibaSwap continues to trend in top spot for security, and reaching #1 in the Top Trending Secure Digital Asset on CertiK, a pioneer in blockchain security, utilizing best-in-class AI technology to secure and monitor blockchain protocols and smart contracts.

️➡ Social Media Relevance targets 30 Million Visits Monthly to a 2.9M Follower Community, and this is just on Twitter. We are closer to 50 Million Profile Visits if we include all our social media channels.

➡ Shiba Inu continues to stand in the Top 5 most searched crypto assets worldwide.

️➡ As of this week, $SHIB is listed in 100+ exchanges including Coinbase / Binance / Kucoin / Huobi / Voyager / Crypto.com / Kraken, and has earned a solid reputation in the industry of cryptocurrencies, and well respected due to the organic approach and growth factor. This is not even counting the other tokens that bring exclusivity and governance to the mix. In a way, very early stages of a developed ecosystem that compiles evolutionary behavior and systemic growth.

️➡ Just this past week Shiba Inu announced a collaboration with Fashion Designer John Richmond the first day of Paris Fashion Week.

➡ Community burn efforts are more active than ever before, and we see multiple accounts populate the energy and hype the action of burning tokens to reduce circulation.

➡ YouTubers, Content Creators, continue to provide information, education, feedback, positive, and at times constructive criticism. At the core of the Growth Breed, we know it is always important to accept opinions and study views. We hope they see the efforts being accomplished by the community as a whole, while supporting the difficult task Developers have at hand on fulfilling all the projects in a proficient factor.

It is truly difficult to find a project with more ongoing development: Shibarium (Layer 2 Blockchain), ShibaSwap 2.0, Shiba Inu Games x Playside, Metaverse Codename: Shiberse, Shibanet, and so much more.

While organic growth has been always fundamental to shape new ventures, it also allows opportunity to meet and develop relationshibs with different avenues that see the true value in community, and complete and incredible support from the #ShibArmy.



We were excited to announce the Official Shib Twitter Community. We have been working with Twitter Communities to onboard a great way to connect community members to a social hub in order to share ideas, information, and excitement in all things Shiba Inu and its ecosystem.

The Community feature was designed to make it easier for topic relevant connections to meet with each other based on shared interests. Join a dedicated social hub, with shared interests rather than an open group followers.

Twitter Communities is still rolling out in phases, and has encountered some issues along the way, but it doesn't take away that today Shib has become on of the biggest groupings in Twitter Communities when it comes to support for a digital asset / crypto project.

The Moderators submit tickets and recommendations directly to Twitter to better the experience and help community members with benefits within the platform and hub.


In recent weeks, we've seen a tremendous amount of feedback, question submissions, and listened in to some great Twitter Spaces hosted by the community.  Just like the community wished for more voices to be heard, answers to questions, and an engaging opportunity to connect with others, we are proudly introducing Shiba Sessions.

Shiba Sessions is a dedicated Twitter Spaces profile in which we will host an array of weekly Shiba Ecosystem talks, discussions, and connect with the #ShibArmy.

This provides an opportunity to connect with community members, Breed members, or maybe even one of the Devs showing up by surprise. Most importantly, it's a place for the community to speak, learn, and have some fun while doing so!

Sharing as a community is important and brings our unity even closer. Different speakers from the community can help and interact, and perhaps recommend special guests to attend while listening in to conversational material in which key topics and clarity can be accomplished.

📣 https://twitter.com/ShibaSessions

Here are a few comments from Growth Breed's Lead of External Communications:

I believe there should be a place for plebs and frens to speak while they aim to change the world.  

A place where it should provide feedback, questions, learn and maybe have fun if u want.   These sessions will be hosted on that twitter page and it will be about SHIB, LEASH,BONE, ShibaSwap and Shiboshis or whatever is related to the ecosystem and maybe a normal general discussion (no politics of course, Shiba is neutral).

However, I understand that there might be legit projects that helps the vision of Shiba towards decentralization indirectly or directly or make part of holders happy such as burning shib (I am not a fan of burning but most community wants it to happen) will want to be on stage to speak but sorry that can’t happen because we can’t give a stage for a specific party because it won’t be fair for others and also to not create any confusions and to avoid any possible problems.  

Basically, no shilling boiz and for those who try to leech or scam, you will be vetted and thrown to the empty space.   I will be excited to see u there and I am excited to work on it with growth external communications pack, growth breed and other breeds.

Shibarium @shibarium_

Thank you for taking the time to read this report, in hopes that it brings a better broadcast to some of the community that showcases such effort on a daily basis to provide insight, feedback, and energy to continue fetching new grounds.